Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbow Maker

One of our friends has a rainbow maker in her kitchen window. It's a solar-operated crystal toy that spins when the sun hits it and casts prisms around the room. I love it. It makes her kitchen look all magical in the afternoon.

Last week she gave me one! She said it was something to make me happy before Daisy comes!

We don't have any true west or east facing windows in our house. I was disappointed when the rainbow maker didn't work in our kitchen window, which faces north.

Our french doors to the back patio are as close to direct west as we can get, but they have bamboo shades to keep out the afternoon heat. Zane placed it on the french door window behind the bamboo shade, and it actually still works! The bamboo slats give enough space for the prisms to cast through. On a sunny evening, the prisms dance around our living and dining room.

We haven't had many sunny evenings with Tropical Storm Debby. But I know Florida, and the rainbows will have plenty of sunshine in the future.

Thanks, Barb, for this fun gift!!
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