Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Maternity Loves

A short list of the things I've loved during my pregnancy:

1. Knee-length skirt. I have a black linen skirt that I bought on our anniversary trip, and it's been the best clothing item in my closet. I thought shorts would be my preferred summer attire, but my shorts were all pretty tight (didn't expect my thighs to expand so much) and too short for comfort. This flowy skirt has been a life saver. 

2. Ovaltine. I first had Ovaltine on our trip North Carolina during my first trimester when food was gross. I loved it. When I got home, I bought a large can that I'm still working on. It's the only food-type thing that I've enjoyed throughout my entire pregnancy. It's a perfect cool treat, and it's got vitamins!

Little Orphan Annie says, "Drink your Ovaltine!" 

3. Shirts that don't require an undershirt. I bought several larger shirts during my earlier months of pregnancy, but most of them required an undershirt. It's freaking hot in Florida right now, and undershirts just add to it! My friend let me borrow several light, sleeveless maternity shirts that don't require a strapless bra (yay!). I plan on utilizing those with my black skirt throughout the rest of the month!

I don't have this particular shirt, but this is what I mean. 

4. Comfortable shoes. My mom got me these shoes for my birthday. I wear them everyday and my feet don't hurt a bit. When I walk in other shoes or barefoot, my feet ache. I totally recommend this brand: BOC if you're looking for comfort shoes.

Found here. 

5. Reusable water bottle that fits in my car cup holder. I loved my camelback, but it was hard to clean, and it didn't fit in my car cup holder. My OB gave me a water bottle that fits in my car or purse, and I take everywhere with me. I'm thirsty all the time and constantly fighting off my cankles! 

6. Gum. Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy, food has a bad aftertaste. It doesn't matter how delicious it was during consumption, my mouth tastes bad afterwards. Gum has been my only hope.

These are some of my must-haves. What were/are some things you couldn't live without during pregnancy? 
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