Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Crib Adventure

Zane's parents generously bought us a beautiful crib and dresser set for Daisy's nursery. It was shipped to a Toys R Us near us the week before Memorial Day. 

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Zane and I borrowed my dad's pick up truck with a cap on it and drove down to Toys R Us to pick up the furniture.

When we went around back, the two employees looked at our truck and said, "It's not going to fit." 

That's because the box for the crib was about the size of a full-sized mattress. The dresser fit in our small truck, but we had to leave the crib at the store until we could call in reinforcements. We called Kev and Lyd (my sister and bro-in-law), but they didn't answer. 

We were considering asking neighbors to help unload the dresser, when we got a call back from the sibs just in time! They were free! The boys did all the running around getting the rest of the furniture and unloading it. 

It was a crazy Friday night, because we also left our house keys and car keys in various different places, requiring extra driving trips to retrieve them. 

While the boys got the goods, Lydia and I moved all the baby stuff that was on the floor into another room to make space for this massive box. 

It took up almost the entire floor space of the room. 

The next day, Zane cut up all the packaging. This crib was packed incredibly well. There was no way that it could have gotten damaged in shipping. This part of the process was super tedious and took nearly two hours...or more? It felt like forever.

I couldn't help that much, but I gathered the lighter pieces and put them in trash bags. 

Rufio just watched and munched on packaging. 

At the end, Zane was exhausted. 

But he conquered the cardboard! Victory! 

We hauled it all to the cardboard dumpster at the elementary school in our neighborhood. 

We got all the pieces out, but we had no more time or energy left to put it together on Saturday. So, Monday morning of Memorial Day Zane put the crib together, which only took 20 minutes or so. 

The whole thing ended up being a three-day process. Here's the final product complete with the crib bedding that my mom made. Green and white polka dots! There are matching window valances too!

More nursery shots to come!

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