Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Can't Take the Sky from Me

Zane and I finally watched Firefly, the awesome 2002 one-season-wonder scifi/western TV show. We also lament with all Firefly fans that it only lasted for part of one season. Here's a short list of why I love this show:

1. Equal gender ratio. There are nine regular characters on the show, four women and five men. I think that's awesome. Most shows weigh heavily to one or other other side, depending on the intended audience. This was actually the first thing I noticed in the theme song opening.

2. Character diversity. The nine characters are all different and interesting. They have their own quirks and personalities and skills.

3. Juxtaposition of space and old west. When we first started watching it, I said, "This feels like a western." But they're on a spaceship. What? It's awesome.

4. Malcom Reynolds. Best character ever.

5. Incredible writing. All of these things that I love about the show come down to Joss Whedon's incredible writing. The dialogue and character development are great! So many great lines! The plots in each episode are also really creative and kept me guessing. There are some predictable things, but there are a lot of twists too, which makes for an enjoyable show.

After we finished the 14 episodes of Firefly, we watched the feature film, Serenity, which continues and wraps up the story of the show. Though it has the same characters, the feel is very different. Firefly is lighthearted and fun, but I was on the edge of my seat peeking through my fingers during Serenity. It's intense!!!

That's probably due to the different media type. A TV show tells a story very differently than a movie.

Anyways, Firefly was fun. I recommend it, but it's kind of scary at parts and there are torture scenes, killing, innuendos, occasional partial nudity, and suspense, so it's not really a kid show. I compare the content rating to that of Alias. Zane and I loved it, and now we have to find something else to watch.
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