Monday, March 12, 2012

Daisy's Stomach and 3D Ultrasounds

Last time I updated, I mentioned that we had to get a follow-up ultrasound to see Daisy's heart, because she was hiding it. We got that ultrasound on Wednesday, and her heart looked great. However, her stomach was super big, which was unusual enough to require a visit to a specialist.

I couldn't find anything bad online about a large fetal stomach. There aren't abnormalities associated with it, and all the message board moms who experienced this said it didn't end up being an issue.

Today I saw the specialist. Nothing to worry about. Daisy's stomach is within normal range, just on the bigger side. We'll get another ultrasound at 30 weeks to make sure she's swallowing enough amniotic fluid.

The upside is that we got to do another ultrasound (which makes five!) on a MUCH better machine. And we got 3D's!

Here's the evidence:

No freaky stares this time. 

They did the entire 23week scan over again. With the better machine, and having already gone through the scan once, I knew what I was looking at almost the whole time. 

She's so cute! Look at her little nosey-wosey!

Then I saw this and I almost died. What a sweetheart! I think she's got Zane's lips!!

All those bumpy things on the right side of her her face are her arms or hands or something. 

It looks like she's been sculpted out of clay in this one. 

I'm officially 24 weeks, which means she's viable outside the womb. It wouldn't be good for her to be born right now, but at least she has a good chance of living if that did happen. Sixteen weeks to go, but I wish I could hold her now!

We haven't taken a belly pic lately, but I'm definitely blossoming! I'll post one soon. 

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