Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Perfect Pregnancy Workout

If you're already a mommy, you might have heard of The Perfect Pregnancy Workout video. It's by Karyne Steben, a former cirque du soleil performer. My friend let me borrow it in my first month of pregnancy.

I just did it for the first time this week, in my fifth month. I'm kind of a slacker.

It's a strength training video, and for each muscle group, Karyne demostrates three levels of intensity. It was rough. I couldn't even do all the beginner exercises. But, it was also really fun to do different work out techniques with a baby inside.

Zane was on his computer occasionally cheering me on as I whined about how much stronger she is than me, and how "I can't do this!"

That was Monday evening. Today I feel pretty great.

I don't exercise much, so when I do, I notice a big difference. I slept really well last night and have way more energy today. My legs feel sore in a good way, and I'm excited to keep doing this workout to prepare myself for labor and delivery (eek!!).

I was also starting to feel fat last weekend, and doing this workout gave me more confidence in my body, even though I haven't seen any results. I'm still waiting for my arms to look like hers. Ha!

If you're looking for a pregnancy workout, this is the one. It's probably supposed to be paired with long walks for cardio, so...I'll try to do that part too.

I recommend it!
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