Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Fork It Cafe

A restaurant review.

As part of Zane and my tour of local food spots, we visited Just Fork It Cafe in Fern Park. We loved it. The atmosphere is simple, but it's clean and quaint.

The menu was pretty big with plenty of variety. Zane got a spicy roast beef wrap with onion rings, and I got a gyro with fries. We were both more than satisfied with our meals! So tasty! The onion rings were deep fried with lots of batter, so they tasted like a carnival treat.

During dinner, I saw one of the waitresses take a slice of apple pie to another table. I had to get one for myself, so I did. It was also delicious.

The restaurant is family-owned by a Christian family who lives nearby. They're super welcoming and low-key. I had heard somewhere that they had a great breakfast, but we found out that they don't serve breakfast at the new location. However, they said they might start it up again.

The prices were pretty average. My gyro was about $7.00, and Zane's wrap was about $9.00. The burgers were $6-8 and their plated dinners were $10-13. You can find the full menu on their website, which I linked above. They also have a facebook page.

I definitely recommend this place. We plan on going back to support the family in their business and community outreach endeavor, but also because we want to try other things on the menu!
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