Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spray Painting Furniture

I hate painting, unless it's painting a canvas. I had lofty goals of painting furniture and walls for the nursery, then I threw them all out. Then I thought about it again and decided to do the absolute minimum while still being satisfied with the final outcome. Here's the first part of that project.

We're making over both our spare bedrooms before Daisy comes. One will be the nursery, and the other will be the guest room/sewing room.

I forgot to take a before picture of the high boy dresser intact. Here's what the drawers looked like.

Dresser afterwards. I painted the drawers and dresser tan/gray and the hardware flat black.

It's going in a room with this large dresser, which I refuse to paint.

I tried to pick a color that would coordinate with the large dresser's off-white tint. The large dresser has been around forever, so it naturally has that antique banged-up look. A lot of people are distressing their furniture these days, so why should I re-paint this perfectly distressed piece? Years of use and moving from house to house has distressed it for me.

The next step is painting the walls of the guest room/sewing room this weekend. Then I'll show you pictures of the furniture in place. After that, valance for the window! Then onto the nursery! Oh, the excitement!
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