Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

Last summer I picked up this fabric from the Ikea last chance room for a couple bucks. It was a sofa cushion cover that was ripped at some of the seams. I had intentions of covering my dining room chairs, but that project was too much work, so the fabric was stored away for months.

We recently painted the guest room/sewing room/office, and this fabric coordinates really well with the quilt on the bed. I finally had a purpose for it! I went back and forth about using the fabric for valances or pillows and then decided to make a sewing machine cover instead.

My machine is on the desk, which doubles as a bedside table, so a cover helps this room go from sewing room to guest room in seconds.

Because this started as a cushion cover, it was a really simple project. Here it is before:
Sorry that's all dark and grainy. Rufio's watching me in the background. My little shadow. 

I draped it over my machine, measured the width and height. The depth seemed to be okay as the original cover depth. I patched up the top and cut out the corner piece to my dimensions. Then I sewed up the side that was open and added a hem to the bottom. 

I worked on several different projects yesterday, so it was nice to have at least one thing finished. The other ones are still in process, but I'll get the finished and posted soon. 

Next for this room is a desk chair re-do and a window valance. 
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