Friday, March 30, 2012

Spiced-Up Maternity Tees

Lately I've been painting bedrooms and furniture. Not my favorite kind of painting. Last night, I got home from work and thought about continuing to paint furniture, but I just didn't want to do it anymore! 

I worked on something for myself instead. I have several large plain t-shirts that I've been wearing as maternity shirts. They work great, because I don't have to buy actual maternity clothing. The only problem is the color block. Sometimes I feel like a giant blob of color, and the blob is only getting bigger. 

Easily fixed. 

These pictures look all whacked-out. I "enhanced" them in iphoto, so...maybe that's why? I don't know, but you'll get the general idea. 

I only have yellow, white and green acrylic paint, because I bought it for a different purpose, but here's how I made it work with my shirts.  



I just love paisleys!

Those speckles on the top shoulder were not part of my original plan. They became part of the plan as I kept accidentally dropping paint from my loaded brush when I was painting the top three paisleys. Art develops on its own. It changes and morphs throughout the creative process. When you only have one canvas, you can't afford mistakes!



I also love daisies! 

The yellow in the flower petals doesn't look so stripe-y in real life. I guess the flash accentuates it.  

Here's my modeling in the mirror: 

This was a fun project that didn't take too much time. Near-instant gratification. Go and do likewise spicing up your t-shirts!
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