Friday, March 16, 2012

Italian Village Pizza

A restaurant review.

Zane and have I decided to check out some local restaurants that we've passed over for years. There are so many great little places that we ignore in favor of big chain restaurants. We just usually go for what we know, but we made a deal to only go to hole-in-the-wall places until Daisy comes. That's an arbirtrary deadline, but it gives us a time period.

This week, we went to Italian Village Pizza. It's in Casselberry at the intersection of Semoran and Red Bug.

When we walked in, I felt like I stepped into Moonstruck. It's seemingly family-owned by Italian New Yorkers. The food and service were great. The atmosphere is cute, clean, and calm.

We added pepperonis to the $6.99 cheese pizza window special and also got an order of amazing garlic knots. I ate four! The food was fresh and made to order. Their menu extended way beyond pizza, including pastas, subs, gyros and calzones.

In the hour that we were there, lots of people came in for take-out orders, which is probably their typical customer base. We were the only ones eating in the dining room, but we also got there at 5:15pm. Early birds, what can we say? They also deliver if that's more your preference.

The prices were standard $10-15 an entree. The specialty pizzas were $15 for a large. We got a large and only ate half.

I recommend this place, and I definitely want to go back! Check here for their menu and more information.

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