Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Baby!

You know the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy finds out she's pregnant, and she and Ethel have the following conversation:

Ethel: I wonder what it's going to be.
Lucy: It's gonna be a baby!!
Ethel: I know! I mean I wonder if I'm going to be a godmother or a godfather.

Wondering which you are going to be? Yesterday our baby pool was exactly 50/50 in percentage votes for boy versus girl. The populous couldn't decide, and neither could we. Luckily, we had the ultrasound.

Zane brought a pink polo and a blue polo to the appointment. I made these cute little rosettes and took them both to the doctor's office. Which ones did we end up wearing?
The pink ones!

You're all gonna be godmothers, because it's a GIRL!!

Last night we went out to dinner with my parents and sister and bro-in-law to celebrate, and my mom gave me a gift in pink wrapping paper (she also had a boy gift ready in her purse!):
So cute!! Thank heaven for little girls. Amen, amen! I can't wait to put it on our little baby girl!

We went to Carrabbas, and I got what I normally love there. I think pregnancy has changed my tastes, because I only liked it okay. Zane will get the leftovers. We also got a free dessert because we were celebrating!

The ultrasound looked great. She weighed 1lb1oz and was moving a LOT! I can feel her almost all the time. They couldn't get a good look at her heart because of her position, so we'll get another ultrasound in three weeks.
20 weeks!

Her name is Daisy. We don't know the middle name yet, but for now you can just call her Daisy.

Half of you who voted in our baby pool were right! I'm going to keep the pool open for the other stats, so you can still enter if you haven't already. The final calculation will not include the sex, since we announced it so soon. I'm also still working on a prize. We'll think of something, and it'll be good.

Yay for Daisy!
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