Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Musings

February 22 is coming to a close, which means another 365 days (or 366 this year) until my next birthday.

I kept forgetting my birthday was coming up. Life has been busy this month. Monday night, I had a fun birthday dinner with my family, and my sister asked what I was doing on Wednesday. I thought, "What's happening Wednesday?" Duh. My birthday.

Last year, I felt a kind of desperation to have a good birthday. I was deep in discouragement, dealing with infertility, insecurity in acting, sister moving across the globe, and Zane traveling on Valentine's day and my birthday.

This year, it's the opposite. I've never felt more celebrated in my life. I feel so much contentment and joy. Daisy has much to do with that. My birthday is just icing on the cake of life right now. Birthday presents and pampering are the sprinkles.

Whew! And life has sped up! It seems like the sands in the hour glass are dripping double-fast counting down to when Daisy arrives and changes the world.

I've been working more hours and trying to get more house projects done before June. I did most my birthday celebrating earlier this week, which was good, because I crashed when I got home today. Mario Galaxy was all I could handle tonight.

(I received this Mario Galaxy jigsaw puzzle for my birthday, but haven't done it yet. Seeing it on my kitchen table inspired me to play the actual video game tonight.) 

I'm thankful for my life right now. I have a beautifully growing baby inside me, a husband who loves and takes care of me, family and friends who love me, a great home, a great job, a sweet dog. I have creative dreams and hope for a happy future. I know that God loves me unconditionally, and that whatever happens in life, it'll be for the glory of God.

It's been a crazy year of trials, healing and rejoicing. I predict the next year will be one of change and adjustment. I'm praying for peace and joy through it all.
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