Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chinese Host Gifts

It's the custom in many countries, including China, to give a gift when you stay in someone's home. Therefore, after hosting eight Chinese kids over the course of 11 days, we're pretty much banking in Chinese host gifts. 

Most of the goodies. I forgot to put some bracelets in the picture, but you can imagine them. 

I had no idea what a Chinese knot was, but apparently it's popular over there, because we received three different kinds of them. One big one with fish, and four little ones: 
After we received them, I saw a picture of my sister in China holding one. I didn't know what to do with them, so I asked her. She said, "Hang it, of course!" Of course!

Another popular gift item are masks from the Peking Opera. We got two identical pale-faced girl masks on a frame, plus a framed angry, red-faced man.

We also got two identical, foldable, miniature screens of Peking Opera masks. When I saw them I thought, "Barbie furniture!" That's just my youth speaking. I was always looking for unique Barbie furniture as a kid. 

Another Peking Opera mask gift was this sweet bottle opener. We actually got three of them in different styles. These remind me of 3 Ninjas! I think this was Tum Tum's mask: 

It's the year of the dragon!! We got this sweet dragon art piece that I'm totally planning on hanging in the nursery. He's not angry; he's smiling! The text at the top of the piece says something about him playing in the sea.

Just in time for the Olympics! We can cheer on our Chinese neighbors with these sweet little flags. I love them! The kids that gave them to us wrote their English names on them too. Extra special.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Chinese gifts! The other gifts that I didn't take close up photos of included Chinese food, green tea, wallets, a necklace, and other art pieces. I found them all to be pretty unique gifts. I'm thankful that we didn't get chopsticks, because we already own 13 pairs. 

We were really glad we got to participate as a host family in the program and would definitely do it again - and not just because of the loot! 
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