Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hosting Chinese Kids: Round Three

This morning we finished hosting our last set of Chinese kids. They were really sweet boys, too. They were a little bit older than the other two sets, but also knew less English than the other ones. 

The first night, we were not interested in cooking, so we took them to Steak N Shake, which was a big hit. Apparently Steak N Shake gives a lot of goodies to kids. They got those paper cars, stickers, hats and the kids placemat menu with crayons. That kept them pretty entertained while we waited for our food.

The second night, my sister who lives in China skyped in for a little while. It was fun to watch them have a conversation in Mandarine Chinese. 

After the skype conversation, we played Blokus, which was really fun. I recommend this game to anyone, but especially if you're hanging out with people who don't speak English very well. No language necessary. 

These two kids spoke less English than our all our other kids. We've used the translator a little bit, but we got some funny translations with it: 

We asked them where they went one day and got this message on the translator: “Around the world, play in the future.” Have any idea what that means? Magic Kingdom! 

I told them that we'd play a game after they showered and this is what they said to us through the translator: “Later we’ll to do a diary ‘playing for a’ final bath ‘sleep.” I figured it out pretty quickly. They wanted to write in their diaries, then play a game, then shower and go to bed. 

One of the kids bought a Jedi robe at Disney and wore it the next day as a jacket. He had it on when we dropped him off and when we picked him up. So cool!

It's been really fun. We're super glad we got to participate as host families!

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