Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homestar Runner Pillow Sham

I had so much fun making my Valentine's sham, that I did another one for an old Homestar Runner t-shirt. I love Homestar and I wanted to immortalize him on a pillow for the nursery.

I did this pillow exactly the same way as the Valentine's sham. Check there for more detailed instructions. I used another of Zane's shirts that he gave me to craft. These shirts both have arm pit stains, so I was sure to NOT use that nasty part of the shirt. 

I had this sweet Homestar Runner shirt from high school. I must have worn it some, because it has stains on it, but it always fit me funny. I know I won't be wearing it ever again, so I cut it up with no regrets. 

So I cut him out and got my iron-on adhesive strips. I ironed him on the middle of the back piece of the shirt. 

Then I top-stitched him on with blue thread.

I added the website to the back of my pillow, since it was on the back of my Homestar Runner shirt. 

Using the iron-on strip. 

I sewed the two pillow pieces together, flipped it right side out, ironed it again, and stuffed in the pillow. 

So fun! Makes me want to watch some Homestar Runner cartoons. They haven't made anything new since December 2010, but that's okay, because there's plenty of gold on the site as it is. 

Here's a few of my favorites if you're interested: 
Shorts - The Interview
Strong Bad Emails - TrogdorTechno SongFingers

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