Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toilet Training: Week 1

It's been one full week since I decided to undergo infant toilet training. First week feedback:

We averaged two catches a day for poops and zero for pees. However, we attempted many more times than that. On several occasions I noticed her signals for needing to poop, but when we got to the toilet, she didn't do it. I figured I misread the signs, gave up, and put a diaper on her. Then about five minutes later, she'd poop. I think it's a timing thing more than preference on her part. Five minutes is a long time to hold a baby over the toilet, so I don't think the answer isn't to wait longer. For every catch, I'd say there was at least one unsuccessful attempt. That's a lot of toting baby to the bathroom.

So many unsuccessful attempts resulted in one day of no effort on my part. Friday I noticed her signs throughout the day, but I was too lazy to take her. I second-guessed myself and didn't want to sit there for a long time without success, so I just changed her dipes that day.

But every time I thought she was about to poop, and then she did, I counted it a success in observation.

The first blog I read about toilet training was written by a woman whose six-week old baby pooped twice a day. Daisy poops more like six times a day at least, and she's eight weeks now.

My sister in China told me that the ladies at her orphanage don't start training until four months old. China is one of the countries that practices infant toilet training in the majority of homes, so I guess they know what they're doing. Daisy's not quite two months.

My conclusion after this week of training: I'm taking it easy until she's four months old and/or has fewer poops a day. I'll take her to the bathroom when I feel like it and just clean up the rest.

I think I'm going to start cloth diapers soon too. I'm more scared of that than toilet training!
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