Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maternity Leave Rocks

I've been comparing maternity leave to summer break when you're in school...except for the taking care of an infant part. Other than that, it's a lot like summer break. Let's take a look at the similarities: 

1. I get to sleep in...kind of. I wake up early to feed the baby, but then go back to sleep, so sometimes I'm not really up until like 10:00am. 

2. Wear pajamas all day. If I'm not leaving the house, I'm not going to make the extra effort of wearing a bra. That gets annoying if I have to walk the dog or put a letter in the mailbox. 

3. Watch TV all day. Okay, not all day, but I have made it into season three of Drop Dead Diva. I'm also halfway through season one of Doc Martin, and I just started The Wonder Years. 

4. Flex meals. Cereal for lunch? Sure. Random food at random times? No problem. 

5. Read all day. Okay, I'm not reading all day either. But I have knocked out a big chunk of Storm of Swords (Game of Thrones, part 3). 

6. No cooking. That's thanks to all the sweet people in my life who brought us meals! We had so much food that we froze a bunch of it and are still eating it for dinners.

7. Lots of naps. I might not be able to properly sleep in, but I do get to take naps with Daisy throughout the day. 

8. Spend time with friends and family. August is the month where several out-of-town family members come to visit, which means lots of fun for us. This year I got to contribute my own offspring to the kid club. 

9. Spend time with Daisy. Okay, I never did that during summer breaks, but that's what makes maternity leave way better than any summer break during school. I get to spend quality time with this sweet girl. 

We have lots of fun during the day just living life. By "living life", I mean breastfeeding, diaper changes, tummy time, infant toilet training, staring at each other, snuggling, smiling, laughing, crying, and taking naps. We live a full life. 

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