Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Family Restroom

This weekend we went to our first wedding since Daisy was born. She looked ravishing. Upon arriving to the reception, she needed a diaper change, so I took her to the restroom.

When I arrived, I saw no change station in the open area. Then I checked the handicap stall, where there wasn't a change station either. I was pretty irked, but I knew I had to change her, and I didn't want to do it out in the open at the reception.

So I changed her in my arms.

I had a disposable changing pad-like paper thing that I draped over the sink. I held her in my right arm and took off the diaper with my left (I'm a lefty, you know). I threw the dipe in the trash, wipety wipe, and put on a new dipe. The re-diapering was harder than removal, but Daisy was very patient with me. Luckily it wasn't the messiest mess, and she was gracious enough to NOT go in the middle of the process. The only thing I couldn't do one-handed was re-snap her onesie.

Just a little parenting adventure.

After the reception was over, we walked out with a family who had a toddler. Daisy was crying at that point, so I mentioned that she needed a change, but there weren't any change stations in the restroom (because obviously she wouldn't be crying unless there was a logical reason...yeah).

I said, "And it's a new building too. You'd think they'd have to have them."

Then the other mom said, "Oh there was one in the family restroom."

Duh, Deborah. I have never used the family restroom before, so I didn't even think to look for it...even though it was right next door to the women's room. Duh.

Rookie parent mistake. Next time I'll look a little harder.

She had a cute pink tu-tu skirt too, but we forgot to take off the blanket for the picture. 
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