Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun with Baby

Daisy's sleeping. I should be sleeping right now too, but I'm blogging instead! Zane was in Atlanta this week on business, which gave me five days of Daisy and me. When this posts, I'll be on my way to pick him up from the airport.

We had a great time this week. Daisy did really well with naps, and I really enjoyed my being-home-all-day time with her. Every day I fed, changed, soothed, and played with her. I also took hundreds of photos of her and sent them to Zane throughout the day.

Let's do a quick review of things I did this week in between taking care of a baby:

Squish face with baby's feet: check.

Sleep in. Recover from brooding illness (low grade fever Sunday night). Watch An Ideal Husband. Read Storm of Swords. Family dinner.

Sleep in. Watch Dr. Zhivago. Read Storm of Swords. Feel depressed about war. Dinner with friends.

Wake up early. Go to grocery store. Sleep. Start watching Drop Dead Diva. Feel happy again. Read Storm of Swords. Tidy up the house. Dinner with a friend.

Sleep in. Work on a project with Lydia. Cut a giant watermelon. Read Storm of Swords. Watch Drop Dead Diva. Family dinner.

Wake at a normal hour. Work on baby book. Sewing project. Bathe baby. Watch Drop Dead Diva.

Rufio still has to go potty when daddy's out of town. 

Each day went by too fast.

My stress levels decrease significantly when I have no appointments during the day. I don't have to worry about feeding her before we leave or when we get there, and I can sleep with her whenever she falls asleep for as long as she sleeps. It was nice to just lounge around all day long without guilt!

It might get old after a while, but being a brand new mom who had a lot going on in the first month of Daisy's life, I thought this week was awesome. It felt like summer break when I was in school: watch tv, read, and do creative projects.

It was nice. But it'll be WAY nicer to have Zane back home.
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