Monday, August 13, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Most people see baby Daisy and say that she looks just like Zane. She does look a lot like her daddy, but I have to make a case for her resemblance to mommy too. Right now she's about six weeks old and looking like me more and more.

In this cute picture of Daisy, I was trying to get some pictures of her awesome hair, and she started smiling at me, so I kept snapping away. That was last week. Now she smiles much more regularly in response to us. 

Onto the comparisons. 

Baby Deborah sleeping in bassinet. 
Baby Daisy sleeping in bassinet. 
Baby Deborah chillin'
Baby Daisy chillin'

Baby Deborah hanging out with family
Baby Daisy hanging out with family

She looks a lot like her daddy, but she's basically a cuter little clone of baby me. I used to think I was a cute baby (yeah, I'm that into myself), but Daisy's WAY cuter. I'm excited to see how her features change as she grows. I'm sure she'll resemble us both in different ways throughout the years. 
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