Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Morning Poop

I have been very fortunate with Daisy and diaper blow outs. We've had one incident when she first came home from the hospital. She's spit up on me a few times, but nothing too bad. Poop just hasn't been an issue until now.

This morning I got up and took my precious baby girl into her bedroom. I changed her and put on this adorable onesie. I thought, "I hope she doesn't poop on it, so she can wear it all day."

After I got her all dressed, I said, "Oh, you are just sooo cute!!" I kissed her, lifted her off the changing table, and took a step backwards.

I thought I stepped on Rufio's tail, because of the cylindrical shape. Then I felt the warm moistness spreading across the bottom of my foot. I gasped. I looked down to find SEVEN piles of Rufio's diarrhea spread across the floor of Daisy's nursery. Rufio sat nearby giving me a look of, "Am I in trouble?"

I used some choice words. I yelled. I was furious. Daisy started crying, so I had to put her in the crib while I cleaned up Rufio's disgusting mess, starting with my left foot.

There was much hatred in my heart for my dog during that half hour of scrubbing the carpet with oxy clean, breathing in the foul fumes of dog crap. I said, "Why the baby's room?!?!!" several times. I said, "This is why people get rid of their dogs after they have babies!!!" I hope he caught my drift. I think he did, because he hid under our bed.

Just a little story on how I started my week. I hope yours had a better beginning. I'm now sitting here with a sleeping baby on my lap and a sleeping dog at my feet.

I'd rather deal with baby poop than dog poop any day of the week.

Here's 3 of the 7 piles. Hope that's not tmi.
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