Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Baby Wipes

This recipe and get-started set was given to me by a friend at church. I wanted to share it with everyone, because it's a great way to save some money, but I don't want to present it as my own idea. I'm just passing this great idea along.

Materials Needed:
sturdy paper towels (I use Viva Kleenex towels)
tall plastic container with a vented lid (I have a Sterilite 12oz square one)
2 TBS baby wash
2 TBS baby oil
2 TBS baby lotion
2 cups hot water

Step 1: Saw paper towel rolls in half. (Save yourself time by doing it the easier way)

I honestly don't know the best way to do this, but we used a circular saw to cut ours. We smashed the towel flat. Then I held one edge and repeated the words, "Don't saw my hands" to Zane. He kept saying, "I won't!" Then he cut them in half (the towels, not my hands). Notice all the white fluffy towel dust - it was everywhere!

The second from the left on the bottom row was our first try. I had to trim that one up a little. 

Step 2: Make wipe solution. 

Heat water in the microwave for about two minutes. Pour into plastic container and add the baby ingredients. Mix well.

Step 3: Soak towels. 

Place the half-towel role in the wipe solution with the clean, non-sawed edge down. Let it sit for five minutes. Then flip the towel over, sawed edge down. Let sit for a few more minutes.
Sawed edge up

Sawed edge down. Notice the towels coming apart due to the solution. 

Step 4: Pull out the cardboard center.

Step 5: Pull the center towel through the vent hole of the container lid. Use at the next diaper change!

I've only experienced a couple drawbacks. Sometimes the paper towel falls back into the container, so you have to open it up and thread it through again. Also, the towel comes out bunched up from being pulled through the hole, so you have to spread it out before using it. Store-bought wipes remove more flatly. Other than that, these are great! You can easily make them organic by replacing the ingredients with whatever you want. 

Here's my estimated cost breakdown: 
Towels: $.63  (8-pack for $10, then cut them all in half) 
Baby Oil: $.20  ($3.00 for a 15oz bottle)
Baby Lotion: $.20  ($3.00 for a 15oz bottle)
Baby Wash: $.20  ($3.00 for a 15oz bottle)

Total cost per roll: $1.23
Total cost per wipe: $.12 (Kleenex Viva has 100 towels per roll)
One time set-up cost: $8.00 (container)

A bulk 9-count box of wipes costs about $14, making the cost per pack of 60 wipes is about $1.50, which is $.25 per wipe, which is DOUBLE the cost of these DIY wipes. Yay! Save a little money!

In the future, I might even switch to cloth wipes and just use the solution recipe. :)
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