Friday, September 9, 2011

Power Ups Art Project

I've been kinda out of the creative groove lately. I have all kinds of projects in my head but lack the motivation and/or resources to complete them. Yesterday I was driving home from work and this project popped into my head. It was easy, fun and somewhat practical.

I had an old 11x15 frame that I had been wanting to fill. I've seen a lot of cute art pieces where the frame is split into four windows and coordinating pictures, like birds or flowers, fill each window.

I took it to the geek level.

I google imaged some pictures of my favorite four power ups from The New Super Mario Bros. Wii and sketched them out with my new colored pencils that cost $1.00 at Target. I bought them a couple weeks ago when I drew the Liger-Girl. I was excited to use them again!

After I finished drawing my four faves, I cut them into 5x5'' squares and played with the arrangement.
I played with the idea of using scrapbook paper as a background, but decided against it. 

I ended up with the twirly hat first, because it just seemed right. Then I attached them to black card stock with a glue stick. I popped it all into the frame.
That inner edge on the twirly hat isn't straight. I tried to fix it with an exacto knife, but that's the best I could do. Here's my secret to happiness: reject perfectionism.

 My only problem is, I don't know where to put it in my house. My living room is decorated in a kinda "grown up" style.

What do you think? Where should I put this masterpiece work of art? The mantle is obviously not working. I think the bright colors might work better in the kitchen. Power ups for breakfast!

P.S. The four power ups are: 
1. Spinnie hat, which allows you to torpedo into the air and fall slowly. 
2. Penguin suit, which allows you to throw ice balls and swim well and have traction on ice. 
3. Blue flower, which allows you to throw ice balls (turn your enemies into blocks of ice). 
4. Red flower, which allows you to throw fire balls!!!

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