Monday, September 5, 2011

Gregor the Overlander

"Even if times got bad, he would never deny himself the possibility that the future might be happy even if the present was painful. He would allow himself dreams."

I finished Gregor the Overlander last week. Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games, wrote this cute story about a boy and his little sister who fall into a modern-day urban-like rabbit hole and find themselves beneath New York City in the fantastical world called the Underland.

At first, all Gregor wants is to get home, but he soon finds a purpose in the Underland that will save his family and the entire Underland's hope of survival.

It's light and cute. I was able to put it down several times, but I kept going back, curious about what would happen to Boots and Gregor. I'd qualify it as Juvenile fiction, although there are some violent parts. It's a great adventure story for kids. I totally recommend it.

It's also part of a five-book series called The Underland Chronicles!

Fly you high, readers!
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