Friday, September 23, 2011

Dominion Travel Case

I know most of you are thinking, "It must be a pain for you to drag all those Dominion expansion sets around when you play at other people's houses." You're right. It is a pain.

However, seeing that necessity is the mother of invention,... bro-in-law Kevin came up with this ingenious method of transporting/storing multiple Dominion sets.

Check it out: three-ring, zip-up binder briefcase full of plastic card-holder pages. The cards are organized first by expansion set, then alphabetically. Here's a page from Intrigue:

At the front of the briefcase is this pencil pouch (which I literally used in fourth grade), that holds all the little trinkets, like victory and treasure tokens. 
Those toothbrush travel cases contain tokens. Kevin's full of inventions. 

Voila: a convenient carrying case that currently holds four Dominion sets. Perfect for taking to the park to play on a blanket, in the car on a road trip, or just to a friend's house. 

I kind of want one now.

Update: We made a new box for our cards and the DIY can be found here.
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