Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Project

Remember our crooked vanity (which we fixed)? Aside: I like to imagine that most of you read that post thinking it was about me being vain, but then I tricked you with a DIY project. Haha, gotcha!

That was just the master bathroom! When we moved into our new house, both bathroom vanities were moldy. Here's our job on the hall bathroom:

I skipped the mold pictures, but you can see mold here to get an idea of what it looked like. The drywall was molded through, so my awesome father-in-law and Zane cut it out and replaced it with the water-resistent kind (it's the blue stuff).

A week passed, during which I painted the walls yellow. The next weekend, they put in the new vanity!
Lovely, new, clean, non-moldy vanity.

 Zane learned how to put a sink together.
I can see the wheels turning in his head. Thank goodness for those techincal writers who write instructions (shout out to Dad)!

The countertop was added, and this is how it stayed months.

Then a wonderful thing happened in December: Zane got the mirrors cut so we could hang them! This ended the months of embarrassment for not having bathroom mirrors. Do you realize how embarrassing that is!? I mean, I thought I would never live it down. But...hopefully the world has forgotten by now.

I also made these curtains to go above the toilet: 
With the same fabric, I lined some blue hand towels. I was going to line some white bath towels too, but I got bored with the project. Story of my life.

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