Monday, January 17, 2011

Audition Adventures 2

I had another adventure at Full Sail on Saturday, much different than my last adventure.

1:00 pm - I arrived thinking I'd be out of there by 2:30pm

3:10 pm - First audition. 1970's-type slasher short film. The director looks at my resume and mentions that I don't have much experience, which sets the tone for the rest of the audition.

3:20 pm - Second audition. 1950's-type alien invasion short film. I read for two characters, and the casting director ends with asking if I'd be okay with a featured extra.

3:40 pm - I consider going home.

4:00 pm - Third audition. Bollywood-type romance short film. After reading through two sides, the casting director asks me about my schedule, dyeing my hair, and working with a dialect coach for an Indian accent. They even get my measurements for the costume designer. I leave with a glimmer of hope for being cast. Dialect coach? Yes, please!

4:20 pm - Fourth audition. Independent film (not Full Sail-related). Almost every female in the lobby is auditioning for the one female role in this film, bad odds. The producers are super intimidating, and I give a mediocre audition, not expecting a callback.

4:40 pm - I almost leave, but because I figure my name has to be called soon, I decide to stay.

4:50 pm - Fifth audition. Independent film about gangs. My audition is to react to an answering machine message. I silently practice staccato breathing (helps you cry) while the director describes the character to me. The frame is super tight, so no neck movement. Afterwards the director says (paraphrased), "Wow, that was perfect. I'm not even going to make you do it again, because I liked it so much. Callbacks are in two weeks, and you'll definitely be there."

5:05 pm - I walk away on a cloud.
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