Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Go Cart Incident

Years before the golf cart incident, I was at the house of a friend who lives in the backwoods of central Florida. She also had a go cart.

Let me tell you about real Florida. It's not palm trees and sand dunes. It's brush. It's palmettos and vines and pine trees and messy mess.

More like this:

We were all taking turns driving the go cart. It was kind of chaotic to drive, because there was no cleared out course. We just made our own course. There were times when I had to close my eyes so I didn't get scratched up by vines or branches.

Word to the wise: NEVER close your eyes when you're driving.

There I was zooming through the brush at full speed. I went through a bush, closed my eyes, and BAM!!! rammed into a pine tree.

Luckily, I was wearing a seat belt, although I do think I suffered from a little whiplash. I backed it up, drove to the house, and did what any eigth grader would do: said nothing and pretended nothing happened.

A few minutes later, my friend's little brother came outside and exclaimed, "What happened to the golf cart?! It's all busted up in the front!"

Then I pretended like I was shocked and surprised.

Then I told the truth.

Then I never lived it down.
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