Thursday, January 13, 2011


...the red-headed step-child. Heidi. Pip. Fanny Price.

What I'm trying to say by all those obscure literary references is that I have taken in Zorro, my sister's dog, for a few days while she is gone on vacation. This is a trial-period for when she moves out of the country. We're trying to see if Rufio and Zorro can love each other, or at least coexist.

Ha. Rufio is the antagonist to each protagonist of my previous list. The kid that made the other kids' lives difficult.

Here's the list:

Rufio jumps on Zorro's back to try to dominate him, which results in banshee-screaming from Zorro. I've started lightly spanking Rufio for this, but it's not going well.

Rufio follows Zorro everywhere, blocking his way whenever possible.

Rufio takes toys away from Zorro.

Rufio prevents Zorro from eating by following him back and forth between the two bowls. I set them on separate sides of the room to give Zorro a few seconds to grab a piece before Rufio got to him.

Zorro marked one of the ferns in the flowerbeds surrounding my back patio. This morning I caught Rufio squatting all along the entire flowerbed in efforts to mark every possible space. Yeah...he's still squatting. Maybe all this dominance stuff is to compensate for a lack of leg-lift finesse.

When I pet one, I have to pet the other. They follow me everywhere, always fighting to get ahead of the other one. Last night, Zorro was rubbing his eye, and I noticed there was a little cut above it. I looked at Rufio and said, "Did you do this?" He didn't answer.

I feel like I'm refereeing two mute children who can't understand the meaning of "Be nice!"

They were each raised as an only child, the sole recipient of owner love. When they are alone, they are angels, but together...not so much. They don't know how to share. Not toys, not food, not space, not my love.

I'll let you know if five days changes them from Romulus and Remus to David and Jonathan.

P.S. I have picture posts queued up (including the shoes!), but I'm waiting to use Zane's Mac to upload photos. Lately it's been occupied. Something about "work." Whatever that is.
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