Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Shoes

Some of you have requested to see the shoes that I wore in with my New Year's Eve dress. Please keep in mind that I'm not a shoe photographer. I'm not professional, and I don't really even know what I'm doing. These shots are straight from the camera:

Now, I went into White House Black Market looking for a dress. I didn't want to spend too much (why did I even go in there?). The saleswoman asked me my shoe size, so that I could try on shoes with the dresses for the full look. Brilliant woman, she was.

Here's where you can find them online (I got them half-off the price listed). You'll also find a much better picture taken by a much better shoe photographer.

I've worn them twice since I bought them, and I'm excited to wear them again. Super-tall Deborah will be sporting these. Luckily, Zane is still taller:

I need to work on my model pose. I'm a long way from Miss America.

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