Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leading Romance

Side by side they stood on the edge of the valley. Before them lay miles of soft, grassy meadow under a backdrop of mountains. She breathed in the fresh air and felt her hair dance in the wind. He imagined flying across the expansive landscape. His eyes widened with excitement. Yelling, "Come on!" he grabbed her hand and flew down the hill as fast as he could, sweeping her up in his adventure.


Every so often I get an image in my head of two young lovers running along. They are giggly and happy. He has some kind of destination, and she follows along because she's in love. The image could be in any setting: a field, Disney World, New York City. There's just something romantic about him taking the lead, being spontaneous, maybe even silly, and sharing that moment with her.

The song "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer makes me picture them, hand in hand, swinging the spinning step.

In the movie Elf, that same cute romance shows up in the scene where Buddy leads Jovi around the city to see silly little things. It's his purpose and excitement that makes it so romantic.

When I was in middle school, I saw two high schoolers weave through the hallway. He led her by her hand, and she giggled and followed. Maybe that's what planted this image of romance in my head. I remember thinking that I wanted a man to lead me like that someday.

On the night that Zane proposed, he held my hand and quickly led me across the street to the beach. He was on a mission, and I knew by his demeanor that we were about to get engaged. I felt that romantic giddiness of being swept up in an adventure.

Romance=Taking my hand and leading me swiftly and confidently on our adventure!

(Apply that equation appropriately in your own lives.)
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