Monday, January 10, 2011

Tangled in Questions

Like many other adults, Zane and I sometimes enjoy kid movies (you know you love the Pixar classics). Saturday we saw Tangled. It was great. I really liked it. But here's the thing: you take a risk when you go see a kid's movie in the theater. A risk.

Kids don't know how to watch movies.

Here's what I mean - when I watch a movie, I don't ask questions. I assume the movie will reveal all necessary information before the credits. If not, I ask questions afterwards, but I wait until the end.

Kids don't wait.

Let me explain without giving away too much information. There is a scene in Tangled that is comparable to the scene in Beauty and the Beast when the beast gets stabbed by Gaston, and he looks like he's not going to make it. The audience waits, holding their collective breath, until beams of light shoot out of his body, transforming him into a prince.

On Saturday, during that hold-your-breath time of waiting in Tangled, every kid in the theater turns to his/her guardian and starts asking what is going on. "What happened to...?" "Why is et cetera?" "Where am I?"

Part of me laughed at their simple, non-movie-watcher minds. The other part of me held back from yelling, "Just shut up and wait for it, okay?!" 

I had forgotten about this annoyance of watching kid movies in the theater. I remember having a similar experience during Toy Story 3. I had a piece of duct tape ready to slap over the mouth of the kid next to me. Zane wouldn't let me do it. Then he made me stop bringing duct tape into movie theaters.

Conclusion: redbox kid movies.
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