Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Season Fun

It's Christmastime! I haven't always been a fan of Christmas. There are many stressful things associated with the holiday (gift-giving...I'm a seriously self-conscious gift-giver), but this year has been fun. Here's a little glimpse into our December so far: 

We decorated the house!

We went to Jamaica for a few days!

Daisy was an amazing traveller, sleeping on the plane, napping on mommy by the pool, playing in the sand. I thought she'd like the water best, but apparently she's a sand-girl. She LOVED the sand. We got some great short videos of her raking her fingers through the gritty goodness and making her version of sand angels. 

We had a fantastic time!
It was beautiful, mon!
I was a little sad to leave Jamaica, but more excited to get home to see my sister who's visiting from China. She lives across the world full-time these days. We have her home for the holidays for the first time in nearly two years!

She's wearing her Pushing Daisies shirt! Pun intended!

We finally took a four generations picture this week. Daisy even waved at the camera. It's mind-blowing to think about how each of us carried and birthed our daughters. Someday Daisy may have a daughter, and she can experience this miracle of bearing life. I've seen a four generations photo where my grandma was the youngest one, and someday we might take a four generations photo where I'm in my grandma's spot. It's crazy. Life.... my mind just exploded.

Daisy's saying hello!

My other sister and bro-in-law are in town now too! So we're having all kinds of family fun times. Lots of games, jigsaw-puzzling, movie-watching, baking, and general fun-having.

The baking is leading to new year's eating/exercise resolutions for me. My body is reaching it's capacity of Christmas cookies. Yum!
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