Sunday, December 30, 2012


A restaurant review. 

This week Zane and I tried out a local restaurant called Ravalia's Pasta Bar and Italian Rotisserie. We had an excellent experience! 

The restaurant has a cute, fresh, and clean atmosphere. Some hole-in-the-wall places feel dirty or old, but this restaurant was really clean and crisp. Even the bathroom was pleasant. 

The food was delicious. We had a rolled pizza dough rolleta or something (it's not on the online menu, and I can't remember what it was called). There was plenty of it to split and fill us both up. I didn't feel like we had to wait that long for it, but apparently we did, because one of the employees came out and gave us free side salads for our wait! That was the cherry on top of the sundae, making me really like this restaurant's customer service. 

While we were trying to decide what to eat, another customer ahead of us was ordering. He overheard us discussing menu options and said, "Everything is good here!" He recommended the pasta which is made fresh right behind the counter. We'll have to go back and try it!

The price is good. Our calzone-type thing was about $8.00, and we were able to split it! Check their website for the full menu. 

The employees are super friendly and helpful. It looked like the owner's family came in while we were there. The wife complimented our baby (you get lots of points for that!) and the husband thanked us for coming in. 

We had a great time!

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