Friday, December 21, 2012

Three Hats and a Lace Stocking

It's been busy up in here for the past month or so. I finally finished home-made Christmas, but I can't share my projects with you until next week.

I originally envisioned each of these projects being different blog posts, but in an effort to save time (precious nap time), I'm consolidating! I bought 2/3 yard of green fleece for this monster hat craft from On Hand By Hand. The tutorial is here. They're SO cute! I made two matching hats for my sweet little cousins, one who was born last month. I tried to make an infant size, but they're both kind of big for kiddies.
Daisy and I had some fun trying them on before I mailed them off. 

I totally forgot to include a card, but luckily, my cousin figured it out. Here's baby Felix modeling his monster hat. 

I guess he'll grow into it. 

2. I had PLENTY of leftover fleece from that project (note to whoever makes monster hats after reading this post). Since Daisy doesn't have a stocking, I decided to make her one with the leftover fabric.

I was going to do an entire stocking tutorial, but ain't nobody got time for that. I basically copied the design from Zane and my stockings. I accidentally made it face the wrong way at first, which resulted in tearing out stitches, but that's my sewing life anyways. 

I think the final product turned out quite nicely.

3. Lastly, I STILL had leftover fleece fabric, so I altered the monster hat pattern to made this cute little frog hat. I have a slew of ideas for other alterations to the pattern including an owl, princess hat, and mushroom hat. Maybe someday I'll find time for those! 

All three of these were pretty quick projects that I was able to start and finish in a couple naps. I thought they'd take longer, but I was happy to get them all done in about two days. With just one baby, I can still manage to get some crafting done. Stay tuned for the reveal of some of my hand-made Christmas gifts next week. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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