Monday, December 31, 2012

Pirate Dinner Theater

Saturday night we did a sisters' night to celebrate our birthdays for which we'll be apart. It was also our last night all together before Lydia went back to Atlanta. We discussed many options of things to do and landed on the Pirate Adventure Dinner Theater to create a more memorable night, since we'd never been even though we've lived in Orlando all our lives.

It was fun to get all dressed up for something. This was the first time I used the diffuser in six months at least. I'm kinda like that. 

We were part of the yellow team (notice the yellow wall behind us).

Lydia was hand-picked to be part of a game. Here she is with our yellow pirate, our champion, Antonio.

Lydia just finished waving the yellow flag. Then she threw bean bags to the pirate up on a deck. 

We got a group ticket deal, so with tax, parking ($5/car) and tips ($5/person), we paid about $50/person. The larger the group, the lower the per-person price. I thought it was a good deal though, because:

1. The show was really great. It's a little hokey, but fun. Just clap, cheer, and be jovial. The songs were fun. The acrobatics are really cool. I mean, really, really cool. Plus, the pirates are all muscular and attractive! Haha! But seriously. The actors really get into their characters, which is fun when they interact with the audience.

2. The food was great. You get appetizers (veggies, chicken salad, carving stations), two rounds of beer and/or endless soda, salad, chicken or beef dinner with three sides, and dessert. All of it was very tasty. I kind of expected the food to be meh, but I was impressed and stuffed by the end.

3. The ambiance is cool. The appetizer room or waiting area looks like a town square, and the dining room has a giant ship/stage that's awesome. I'd even call it a Disney-quality design.

4. The service was wonderful. Everyone's very helpful and nice.

It was very family-friendly. I'd like to take Daisy back in about 6 years. It's great for anyone who likes pirates (it's not scary at all), live performances, acrobatics, or dinner shows. It's not something we'd do every weekend (because we aren't made of money), but it was perfect for our memorable sister evening.

Bonus: Lyd and I knew two of the actors because that's what happens when you're well-networked in O-town.
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