Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daisy's First Christmas

Christmas came and went in its usual chaotic nature. I sometimes wonder if I'd like a quiet Christmas, but after so many big family ones, I might actually be sad to have a quiet one. As Daisy gets bigger, Christmas is just going to keep getting more crazy and busy, especially if kids get added to the family. I guess that's part of what makes Christmas fun. 

We went to the Christmas Eve service at FB Winter Park, and Daisy did well until about halfway through some of the music. I thought maybe it was her diaper, so I took her to the bathroom. No changing station (because apparently there's a nice baby/mom room that I missed), so I laid her on the counter top. However, this bathroom counter was festively decorated with nutcrackers, Christmas trees and fake snow. Daisy wanted to eat them all. I had to move all the decorations to the other side of the bathroom, change her (diaper was bone dry, dang it!), and put them all back. 

That's a mom experience. Someday, I'll write a comedy screenplay called The Mom Experience. It'll be full of situations like, "Where's the changing table?" and "I didn't bring the burp cloth," and "She only a pooped a little on my shirt." 

Anyways, after that we stood in church foyer with all the other babies. It was baby town back there. 

Christmas morning started with a little family Christmas where she received her tutu. Then we went to my mom's for round two of presents. Daisy was actually pretty interested in opening her gifts. She liked the bows and tissue paper. After breakfast, we headed back home for round three of presents with Zane's parents. Let's just say, Daisy banked this year.

I'm glad Daisy is too young to be materialistic, but I'm also kind of concerned about future Christmases.  Parents, what do you do to help ward off materialism at Christmastime?

Despite how busy the morning felt, the afternoon/evening was full of relaxation and fellowship. Zane's parents joined my family for a nice big family lunch at my grandma's house. It was really special to have both our parents at the same holiday gathering. Over all, it was a sweet day, and I look forward to future Christmases as our family evolves. 
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