Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This little plague went to the market...

Last week, we went to Publix and there was a display of food for Passover. I usually pass over this section, since I'm not Jewish, but Zane noticed this in the display:

I just stood there saying over and over, "That's so weird."

Satomi saw it and said, "What is that?"

I told her it was a famous story that all Jewish people know (and many other people too). I told the Passover/Exodus story starting with baby Moses in a basket and ending with Pharaoh letting the Hebrews go. It took a while, because we had to stop to define: Jew, Hebrew, Pharaoh, slave, plague, etc.

If you haven't heard this story, it's in the second book of the Bible, Exodus.

She asked if Moses' firstborn was killed in the last plague. I said no, because they put the blood around the door. I explained that this event foreshadows Jesus (Japanese-English dictionary was used for "foreshadow"). Jesus was killed so that we wouldn't die.

Then she said, "Is that why Jesus is called the Lamb of God?"  BINGO!

There I was thinking that plague finger puppets were the weirdest (maybe even stupidest) thing I'd ever seen, and yet their presence in that store provided a way for me to share the gospel. Mysterious ways, people, mysterious ways!

P.S. The "lice" plague should be gnats/flies. Also, one of those plagues looks like a clown. I had to look it up, because I couldn't remember what it really is. You can partially read its label. 10 points if you know it!
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