Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ren Faire Fun!!

This past weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival in Tampa Bay with Zane's family. It was my first Ren Faire. It was also Satomi's first Ren Faire. Weird coincidence, huh?

from Satomi's camera

We had a fun time with the medieval headbands, or do you call these tiaras? Tiara sounds prettier.

Here we are proudly wearing our custom-fitted tiaras. I'm blessed to have such sweet, beautiful inlaws (some call us outlaws*). We were all brave enough to marry into the same family.  

Petting a llama and a miniature donkey. I didn't know they existed.

Part of the Ren Faire experience is the carnival booths. Zane, along with his bro and dad, had no trouble hitting the bell on the stong man thing.

My favorite part of the Ren Faire was the assortment of fantastic costumes! Next time I want to join in the creative fun.

Centaur lady was my favorite costume of the day. This photo was taken by Satomi. I'm glad she was smart enough to have her camera out at the right time.

Satomi's favorite costume of the day was a fairy, but the runner-up was this archer. I may use this picture as a guide to make costumes for Zane and me next year. Although, I think I'll make Zane more Link-like.

Just noticed - does that archer have a elf leaf cape fastener thing? (Real LOTR geeks would know the correct name for it. I'm just an amateur).

These fairies struck a pose when Satomi aimed her camera.

Everyone at the festival was so friendly, even in the immense heat of March in Florida. I envied the actors for getting to play around all weekend in fun costumes. I respected them for all the work they put into a festival like this! But I did NOT envy those poor knights jousting in the sun. Their suits of armor looked like ovens!

I look forward to returning better costumed, now that I have ideas flowing through my brain. Sewing posts to come, maybe?

*"Some people" being Zane's uncle, who also married in.
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