Friday, March 11, 2011

Bursting with Adventure

Today I finished shooting for the short film, "Bursting with Excitement," a story about a groom and his best man on the day of his wedding, and how everything keeps going wrong. I played the part of the stressed-out wedding coordinator.

This is the first Full Sail film I've worked on. Many Full Sailers that I've auditioned for rubbed me the wrong way by saying things like, "You don't have much experience" or "You've never been in a Full Sail film?" I had written them off as elitists.

But throughout the filming, I caught zero elitist vibes from them. They were the most respectful and genuine people. They even had a griddle going with omeletes and pancakes for everyone for breakfast. When I wrapped, everyone on set applauded me before I left. (They do that for everyone, but I still felt like a pretty special girl.)

Here's a couple shots in the dressing room right before I left. I forgot to get one with me in costume. If you look behind my head in this next picture, you'll see the grey shirt and pink dress suit that I wore. I hemmed the skirt, so I'd look sexy...or at least decent. Maybe I should get credit as wardrobe assistant or something.
2nd AD Bryan on the left. Wardrobe/Hair/Make Up expert Kristyn on the right. She even did my eyeliner. She's kinda amazing. Or am I amazing for not blinking incessantly? Oh wait, I did.

And some of the talented wedding party cast. From left to right: Jason, me, Matt and Chris. I smacked Chris' face about thirty times today. He's a good sport. I'd love to work with all of them again if the stars align...or we get cast together.

Fun times filming at Full Sail!

Before you ask, if you want to see the film, you'll get to whenever I get a copy, which according to Jason, can take up to, if not more than, five months. That was a long sentence with lots of commas. Perhaps too many.
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