Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Food!

Tonight Satomi cooked Nikujaga for us. It's made up of potatoes, onions, carrots, and pork in soy sauce, sugar, and mentsuyu (sauce) all cooked on the stove. She also brought some instant rice and instant miso shiru (soup). One word: Yum!

Here's a picture of the instant rice package with Zane and Satomi in the background. I took this with a web cam.
Zane and Satomi chopping vegetables. I was overseeing and documenting and encouraging throughout the process. Anyway to get out of cooking...just kidding...kind of. 

This is the correct way to set a Japanese place setting. I'm left-handed so my chopsticks are facing the right.

This is a great family photo taken with my new gorilla grip tripod. 
Gorilla Grip Tripod: Pros - takes pictures from the window sill. Cons - I can't set it up straight.

It was extremely delicious. We all licked our plates clean (not really, that's not very Japanese). The best part is that Satomi gave us the mentsuyu (sauce) so we can make it again.
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