Monday, March 7, 2011


I often have imaginary conversations in my head. I have done it my entire life. I rarely notice when doing this, but I caught myself a couple times this week. Here are some of my conversations and hypotheses for why I do this.

Hypothesis A: I do this to subconsciously practice writing dialogue.

Person 1: "You know when you blow your nose, and the tissue doesn't catch it all, and it ends up all over your face and mouth?"
Person 2: "No."
P1: " either."
P2: "Why did you say that if you haven't experienced it?"
P1: "I just thought it'd be funny."
P2: "That happened to you, didn't it?"
P1: "No."
P2: "Yes, it did."
P1: "No, it didn't. I just thought it'd be funny."

Now, read that again, and this time think Michael Scott as Person 1 and Jim Halpert at Person 2.

Hypothesis B: I imaginarily converse to practice real-life conversations, which I intend to have.

Person 1: "Do you mind if I take pictures to put on my blog for all my fans?"
Person 2: "Haha, how many fans do you have?"
Person 1: "Oh, tons. Like 20."

Now, I'll be prepared when I have some form of this conversation on the film set Thursday.

Hypotheis C: I find therapy in internally reconciling with people from my past.

Person 1: "I used to think there was only one way of doing things, and I realize now how I imposed that belief on people around me. I always used to give you a hard time about everything, instead of just letting you be yourself. I don't even know why you were my friend. So, I'm sorry for that."

That conversation was a one-way apology that went through my head after a dream about a former classmate. Dreams can stir up old feelings and regrets in me. Perhaps I'm preparing for the chance to say it in person someday.

Three hypotheses of my internal conversations! Do you guys do this too? Is it just me? I'm normal, right?!?!

Person 2: Yes, you're normal.
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