Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainbow Surprise

Happy Easter Monday, everyone! Yesterday we celebrated Jesus' victory over death through His resurrection. He is risen! Woohoo!

My food assignment for Easter lunch was dessert. I like to think I've earned a baking (not cooking) reputation, so I took this opportunity to make something amazing. Of course, amazing means using one of my sweet bundt cake pans.

After pulling out a couple recipes from my Bundt Cake Bliss recipe book, I took a Facebook poll on whether I should bake a banana cake or a vanilla cake. Vanilla won.

This was a mix-plus recipe. You start with a box mix and add instant pudding and eggs, etc. From there, I separated the batter like so:
It's still a little lumpy because my handheld mixer broke!!! I had to mix this with a wooden spoon. Lemme tell ya, those women of old had strong forearms!

From there I dyed each bowl a different color of the rainbow. Sidenote: Did you know they don't sell liquid food dye anymore, at least not at Publix? It's all gel now.
I didn't get to dye eggs this year, but this was just as good.

Then I layered the colors in the order of the rainbow: ROY G BIV (I skipped indigo).
Pre baked.

The recipe said to bake at 350 for 45 minutes, but I know from my sweet baking experience to cook it at 300 for 50-55 minutes. Learn from my experience. It is good.
Post baking. The purple was popping out the top. 

After it cooled, I flipped it and applied a citrus glaze.
Side view of the rainbow.

It looked pretty sweet this way, but the real surprise was when we cut it open:
The baking process created a rainbow shape! I thought it was going to be straight lines of color, but I was excited to see an actual arch. Lovely!

Did you know that Zane's favorite cake from childhood was a rainbow cake? It was a sheet cake with a rainbow iced on the top. Because of this, his mom brought a rainbow cake to our rehearsal dinner. When I asked Zane if I should do banana or rainbow vanilla, he said hands down rainbow.

This recipe was called a "Coming Out Bundt" because the woman who submitted it to the recipe book used it for her friend's coming-out party. Since I made it to celebrate Easter, I thought it'd be more appropriate to call it a "Coming out of the Tomb Bundt!"

My friends who stayed with us this weekend offered the title "Covenant Bundt!" Fifty points if you know why that title's appropriate. The answer is found here.

Anyways, it was a fun cake to make, and it tasted delicious. I can't wait to make it again! Maybe next time I'll frost it, so the rainbow will be a SUPER surprise to those expecting a regular old vanilla treat.
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