Saturday, April 9, 2011

All the Fish is Happy

Last weekend, Zane and I went to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa as part of our anniversary escape. We did the entire aquarium in a couple hours, but it was pretty fun. We only took pictures of our favorite animals, so here's a little of what we saw:

Glass Fish

You can see through them!

She's looking at you!

 Cool Seahorses:
I don't remember this one's name.

This is a pigmy sea horse. It was the size of my pinky finger.

This is a leafy dragon. It was probably my favorite exhibit.

That's all the animal pictures we got, but there were other cool animals like neon fish, puffers, spider crabs, octupi, rays (which we pet!), otters, and sharks. You'll have to go, since we didn't photograph all of them.  

One of the only pictures of us from our trip!
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