Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plant Commitment

Today I will talk to you about plants. I have lived in my house for over a year and still haven't done a thing about landscaping, until today.

I'm am an amatuer (read: has no understanding or experience) gardener, so learn from me. 

My friends at the House of Gjertsen used to have shasta daisies in their front yard. I saw them and liked them. I decided to grow my own. Here they are in the planter. I fear putting them in the ground:

These are also shastas, but I don't know if the transplant is going so well.
Transplanting is hard.

In September, I bought these trees to put in this corner, which was bare. I wanted it to look pretty for my sister's bridal shower. I had them planted in a lovely dark brown basket/vase thing that matched my bamboo shades. They were not happy in that vase, always wanting to fall over, so I decided they needed a bigger pot.  
Somewhere in that equation I planted them in a big plastic turquoise pot. What was I thinking? I'm too impulsive for my own good. Martha Stewart would be ashamed. Don't tell her.

Let's move outside. Last week I planted these pineapples, which I started a couple years ago from pineapples from Publix. They should produce fruit this year.
Behind the pineapples, I planted two jasmine plants! I'm sooo excited about those. I forgot to purchase a trellis, so I'm hoping the sticks will help them crawl for now.

Last, but not least, my precious palms. I started these from pups last year, and they've been doing great.
My little babies. Oh, look, another turquoise pot. This was my original desire for the turquoise pots: outside. But my indoor trees needed help, and I didn't want to go back to the store to buy a pretty vase.

I also planted some Mexican petunias, ground-cover jasmine, plumbego, begonia, and amaryllis. I'll give you some before and afters when they start to thrive. Here's to hoping they'll thrive!!
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