Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jesus and Doritos

Saturday I auditioned for a short film parody on if Jesus were a teenager in high school. I was just auditioning for the sake of it, but when I read the script, I saw it was gonna be pretty darn sacrilegious.

It also happened to be one of the best audition experiences I've had, so I started to think, "Maybe I could still do the film. It's not that bad..."

This Sunday was Palm Sunday, and throughout church I kept thinking about Jesus and the reality of what He did for the world and how serious the cross and resurrection are. Our pastor spoke about how Jesus didn't really want to die such a gruesome way, but His death gave life to the world (from John 12:27-33).

I just thought, "There's no way I can do this film if I really believe that Jesus did this stuff," which I do believe.

A few days later, I still hadn't been called about casting. I figured that I didn't get the part. Whew! I wouldn't have to say something like, "I can't do the film because I believe in Jesus for real, and it's disrespectful, and it's okay for you do it, but I can't..."

Then Tuesday night I got the call offering me the role. Dang it. I hate confrontation. Plus, I really did want to do the film for the experience, but I would have been ashamed that I did it.

So I called the director back and left a message saying that I couldn't do it, because I couldn't be part of a production that made fun of Jesus, because of my beliefs. I said I was sorry, and I hoped to work with them on a different project in the future.

The guy called me back right away, and said he totally understood. He said he'd like me to come in for a commercial on Wednesday instead. So I did, and I had a blast.

All I'm going to say about it on this blog is that it was really messy and involved Doritos.

Maybe you'll see it one day. If you're lucky.

Anyways, I was stoked on Tuesday night, because I was scared to be honest about about working in a production that mocked Jesus. I hated turning down the opportunity, but I'd say God had my back and knew that there'd be something else already lined up for me.
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