Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tropical Chicken

Love this place.

Zane and I went to Pollo Tropical after our Disney trip for dinner. We wanted something cheap and fairly healthy. We split a chicken, beans and rice tropichop for $4.00, and still had enough for my lunch the next day. That wouldn't normally happen, but we were eating really late and neither of us was in the gluttonous mood.

We also tried four of their sauces:
Guava BBQ
Regular BBQ
Curry Mustard
Cilantro Ranch

All of them were awesome.

While we enjoyed our feast, we conversed and spoke against Moe's in terms of the deliciousness and good price. I'm still bitter.

Follow-up to the Moe's post - I like being able to get a kid's meal. I don't like the age limit thing. Chick Fil-A would never put a limit on it. I have to judge every quick-serve restaurant against Chick Fil-A, because they're the best. Moe's, you're not the best...unless you give me back the Moo! *end bitter rant*

I'll try the Joey Jr., but I still don't like the principle of it all! *end last word to rant*

Viva Pollo Tropical!
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