Saturday, February 16, 2013

California Daisy Love, An Update

Not quite a year ago, I was introduced to the story of a little girl named Daisy Love in California. I've written about her a couple times (here and here). She's a sweet little girl, who battled cancer multiple times in her eight years of life.

I follow Pray for Daisy on FB and just saw the update that little Daisy has gone to be with Jesus. She loved Jesus on Earth, and now she's with Him in heaven.

My heart is sad. I was thinking about her earlier today, feeling pretty low and resigned that she would probably not live much longer. I had hoped that Daisy's story would be like Zane's - victory over childhood cancer. God had a different plan. My heart aches for the Merricks and other parents who have lost children. I can only imagine the steady suffering, even on the best days, that one must feel. It makes me long for the day when there is no more suffering, no more pain. Daisy is already experiencing that now.

Our sweet girls shared the same name and the same birth month. I hoped that someday they would meet, and we could tell California Daisy how we prayed for her during her season of illness. I rest in the hope that we will meet in heaven, and I'll tell her then.

These photos below show Zane and me wearing our Daisy Love shirts. We get to share California Daisy's story whenever we wear them, because people always ask if we got them custom made.

Psalm 39:9 "...Each man's life is but a breath. Selah."

I hope that with the breath that is my life, I can show the love of Christ as Daisy did and as her parents continue to do.

Be praying for the Merricks as they grieve. You can read more of Daisy's story at
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