Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hosting a Japanese Student Week 1

It's officially been one week since we picked up our Japanese student from MCO last Tuesday.

Zane was in class, and grandma had Daisy, so it was just me at the airport! Notice the cloth bouquet!

Tuesday launched us into one of the busiest weeks of 2013 to date. We were juggling fools with the following flaming bowling pins in the air (because juggling balls is too easy): school, work, home management, Daisy, Nonoka, Zane's broken thumb, and being contact person(s) for the Mission to Japan welcome party venue.

This picture is at the welcome party the night before Zane's surgery. They're about to start dancing the Virginia Reel. I usually participate, but I had a squirmy baby to attend to, so I watched. My cheeks hurt from laughing. Everyone had a great time that night. 

With the surgery and welcome party behind us, we've been home free (except for juggling normal life) and able to enjoy time with Nonoka. We've gone on walks, talked culture, and played Mario Kart, Super Marios Bros., Ticket to Ride, and Rummikub. We also took her to Sonny's and Pei Wei for true American cuisine.

Sonny's with 33oz drinks, corn nuggets, and Zane's thumb cast. 

Sonny's has become a must for taking our Japanese students, mostly because of the one-size 33oz. drinks. They're always shocked and surprised. Apparently, everything's bigger in the U.S. I can only imagine the shock and awe that would occur if they visited Texas. 

I hope to update more about our adventures with Nonoka!

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